During our initial meeting on your property, we’ll begin with identifying your major concerns, needs and desires. We’ll identify problem areas as well as solidifying the variety of uses for your new outdoor living area.

For many of my clients it’s challenging to convey their vision and needs during our initial meeting. I follow a process of walking, listening and helping you express your needs and desires. It’s during our “workshop” that we begin creating the success of your project and begin our collaborative partnership.

After we’ve agreed on an approach, I’ll return with a ‘bubble drawing’ to designate where each element is placed along with a detailed project bid. We want to ensure that you’re satisfied throughout each phase of the development process.

Landscape Themes

landscape one plant designTypically, Southern California calls for tropical theme landscapes but due to water conservation taking place in our state. We are challenged to design in other themes that can provide the lush and tropical look but use water wise plant material.

For example, Mediterranean Theme will reflect the plants found on the Tuscan hills and valleys. A Tropical Theme can relate to the Caribbean or Hawaii and other tropical areas around the equator. The Desert Theme follows plant materials found in Palm Desert or Scottsdale AZ. The Pacific Northwest suggests indigenous plants in a region with considerable rain fall and still we have plant material recommendations to satisfy this vision as well.

Grading, Soil Preparation & Irrigation

Landscape One will grade and amend the soil, achieve positive surface drainage, and install underground irrigation following water conservation recommendations.

Water Conservation

Fortunately we have a strong education in irrigation and strong plant material knowledge. This allows us to make suggestions on lowering water use and recommend irrigation system that follow county water authority rebate guidelines. We are confident in achieving your vision with the right plant materials and irrigation “tools.”

landscape elevations, retaining wallsUsing Elevations as Enhancements

Elevations provide beauty and strong character in the landscape by creating feature opportunities. Based on the budget, we can come in and create retaining walls, decks and other elevation components to enhance your environment, stay within budget and create an enhanced outdoor living experience.

Continuity of Landscape and Architecture

When we review your property we’ll look at your architectural features and make sure they couple well with the structure of the house. Let’s say your entry way lacks drama or a welcoming design. We’ll look to making improvements both structurally or with paint colors to ensure we carry through in continuity to your landscape.

Design Principals

With our strong design background we are able to review the architectural features of your home as they relate to your new outdoor living areas. Our long-standing relationships with tradesmen in other fields will facilitate the work needed to take your project to completion.

Features to Consider when creating your wish list: 

Fruit Orchard  | Vegetable Garden |  Gazebo | Terraced Garden

Retaining Wall | Water Feature | Living Privacy Screen | Dog Run

We look forward to meeting with you and discussing the details of your project.


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